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The Best Colleges and Universities in Eugene, Oregon

Top Scholar – The Best Colleges and Universities in Eugene, Oregon

The gleaming gem of the Pacific Northwest, Eugene, Oregon, is a city known for its eclectic cultural composition, gorgeous geologic marvels, and vibrant artistic and political landscape. Not far from Portland, Eugene is also home to some of the finest higher-learning institutions in the country.

If you’re considering purchasing property in Eugene, Oregon, educational opportunities should be near the top of your list. Contact a leading agent in the area who not only specializes in Oregon realty but who also deeply loves Eugene, Oregon, itself.

Whether seeking an associate degree from community college, looking for undergraduate enrollment at a public or private institution, or pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. to further a career, students want a university that perfectly suits their needs.

Finding the College in Eugene, Oregon, Suitable for YOU

With the right approach, the appropriate credentials and academic achievements, and solid test scores (i.e., ACT score, SAT score), students can enjoy great colleges in and around Eugene, Oregon.

Remember, a school is only what students make of it. Once enrolled, if they put in the work toward their courses and their education at large, while managing their schedules and excelling in their classes, they will reap the full benefits of the top schools and colleges in Eugene, Oregon.

Maximize Your Eugene Education with a School Tailored to Your Needs

Are you interested in the arts, social sciences, psychology, or journalism? How about hard sciences like advanced mathematics, engineering, or chemistry?

Finding the College in Eugene, Oregon, Suitable for YOU

Do you want to attend school in a particular Oregon area? Are you primarily concerned about tuition, fees, and net price? What major or majors are you pursuing, or what careers are you seeking?

Embrace the Educational and Institutional Community

Based on your objectives, desires, and needs, you may find the perfect school, student body, and institutional community for you. Consider the costs, get involved in the process, and apply to these outstanding bastions of higher learning.

Beyond learning alone, Eugene, Oregon offers a rich array of exciting local activities and an excellent bar and restaurant scene to chill out after a long day of study. Talk about the ultimate student experience!

Let’s take a look at the top colleges and universities for students in Eugene, Oregon, in 2023

An Overview of Colleges in Eugene Oregon

The Eugene, Oregon, educational landscape is as vibrant and varied as the geographic landscape of Eugene itself. According to the U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard, there are five institutions, universities, and/or colleges within 20 miles of Eugene, Oregon.

These colleges and scholarly centers range from higher-cost private schools to large public universities and community colleges.

Of these five schools, universities, and/or colleges, one is a public college or institution, three are private colleges and universities, and one is a community college where students can pursue an associate degree.

These Oregon colleges and universities include Lane Community College, New Hope Christian College-Eugene, Bushnell University, the “U of O,” and Franklin University.

Community College, Public Institution, or Private Education: A Eugene, Oregon, Breakdown

For Eugene, Oregon, students seeking to further their studies, many factors intersect.

Community College, Public Institution, or Private Education - A Eugene, Oregon, Breakdown

Some Eugene students are focused on college tuition, school costs, and net price. Other Eugene students are concerned with the local community around the public, private, or community college. Many Eugene students in undergraduate enrollment simply want to attend classes and figure out a major, whether in the arts and humanities, sciences, or mathematics.

Some Eugene students just want a slice of paradise with good food and a swimming pool!

Enrollment and Tuition Details of Eugene Private, Public, and Community Colleges

Based on undergraduate enrollment data, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) averages out the tuition at four-year institutions in Eugene, Oregon, to roughly $17,350.

If you want an associate degree, the tuition for community colleges in Eugene, Oregon, averages about $4,960 for Lane Community College.

College Degree Completions and Students Enrolled

According to the U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard, in 2020 the three four-year private colleges and universities had 4,506 students for undergraduate enrollment. There were approximately 1,890 private college degrees completed, with 1,750 completed online. By contrast, the public college of U of O saw around 18,740 students in undergraduate enrollment and had 6,191 degrees completed.

Eugene’s Lane Community College gave out associate degrees to 1,514 students in 2020. There were a total of 6,810 students in undergraduate enrollment at the time.

University of Oregon

All of the public, private and community colleges in Eugene, OR, are accredited. This means that Eugene students can rest assured, knowing that each degree (from associate to Ph.D.) is earned fairly and legally under the rigorous standards of educational bodies.

Let’s dive into these colleges in Eugene, Oregon.

1. University of Oregon

If you haven’t heard of this Oregon college, simply turn on your television and watch nationally televised college sports. Known by students as the U of O, the school is currently an associate in the Association of American Universities, making it only one of 36 U.S. public colleges with this ranking.

Go Ducks, Go!

This Oregon institution actually contains many smaller colleges with over 300 education programs and over 3,000 undergraduate classes for students. This reputed Oregon school currently ranks among the top 20 in areas such as environmental law, landscape architecture, sports marketing, business, and more.

The school cost for the University of Oregon, Eugene, is currently $15,054 for tuition only. Not a bad net price for such a reputed institution!

For students looking for a great location, big sports culture, rich history, and excellent educational opportunity, the U of O in Eugene, Oregon, is a top choice.

student. University of Oregon, Eugene

2. Bushnell University

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This private Christian school in Eugene, Oregon, is a champion of community outreach, faithful stewardship, and development of not just well-rounded students, but good, wholesome humans. The integration of religion and academics helps guide students toward a more positive, value-rich future.

With under 700 students, a pupil-to-faculty ratio of 12:1, and an annual tuition of $20,318, this faith-based school is not your typical college.

For a private school education that cherishes the full application of faith, prospective Eugene students should consider Bushnell.

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3. Franklin University

Specializing in business management, accounting, healthcare, and technology, this largely online school provides over 50 internet-based programs for bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees in Eugene, Oregon.

An accredited 4-year school, Franklin is the ideal choice for adult learners in Eugene, Oregon. If you’re a young professional or looking to work while furthering your education, you should definitely look into the online programs of this Eugene, Oregon, college.

The college tuition varies significantly between in-state and out-of-state students. If you’re in state, the tuition is $14,421, but $40,464 for those students from outside Oregon.

A great school value for one of the great online colleges in Oregon!

4. New Hope Christian College-Eugene

This faith-first, Bible-centered school focuses primarily on translating Christianity into vocational opportunity. After students graduate, they often take up positions in counseling, religious education, intercultural faith-based studies, ministry arts, and business.

Started as a bible training school, New Hope Christian College-Eugene is now accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education, delivering online and on-campus degrees to under twenty dedicated Eugene, Oregon, students every school year.

College in Eugene OR

Strengthen your faith, carry great hope, and apply your academic and Christian values to a new life after school. At an annual price tag of $16,600, including tuition and fees, The New Hope Christian College-Eugene is here to help.

5. Lane Community College

Of all the community colleges in Oregon, Lane Community College is the only community college within 20 miles of Eugene, Oregon. If you’re working on an associate degree, a certificate for a technical career, or a college preparatory education, you may find Lane Community College very suitable.

Need to get accredited, certified, or jump started in your career? This community college/school is ideal for you. Students can get career-ready in 50 different disciplines, such as manufacturing, computer science, criminal justice, culinary arts, nursing, and more.

With over 25,000 attending students, one main campus, and multiple education centers around Eugene, Oregon, Lane Community College is easily accessible and relatively inexpensive.

At a net price of roughly $10,000 for the 2-year community program, you can get on the fast track to your new career!

Make the Move to College Town and Enjoy All Eugene, Oregon, Has to Offer!

The colleges in Eugene, OR, are only one facet of the amazing lifestyle, atmosphere, and living conditions in and around the Emerald City. In addition to good colleges and universities, residents enjoy amazing winter sports, eclectic live music, culturally diverse food, immaculate weather, and some of the best coastlines, beaches, and panoramic views around.

Make the Move to College Town and Enjoy All Eugene, Oregon

Whether you’re a student desperately in need of a school to further your career, have a family with college-age students, or simply want to have good colleges in your back pocket, you can find it in Eugene, Oregon.

Have any questions about making the move or visiting the area?

Contact a top realtor who loves the region, understands the market, and will help you find that perfect niche in Eugene, Oregon, today.

Eileen O'Reilly

Eileen O’Reilly is a Bay Area Top Producer, and one of eXp Realty’s most dedicated and successful real estate agents in Oregon. Committed to finding real solutions to the challenges buyers and sellers face today, Eileen draws from a heart-centered approach and tenacious drive to help clients transform their lives through real estate.