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Discover The Best Neighborhoods in Eugene Oregon

Selecting the right neighborhood for your family is one of the most heavily-weighted deliberations when you relocate. If you’re moving to Eugene, Oregon, lucky you! Each Eugene neighborhood offers something special and unique, ranging from uptown and classic to the outright eclectic!

With such a diverse range of pockets that new arrivals have to choose from, the most challenging question for young professionals and families moving to the region is which area you’re not prepared to live in.

As a result of the many exceptional neighborhoods and housing options, the Eugene real estate market is one of the hottest in the Pacific Northwest. This reinforces the value of having experienced, fast-paced local real estate agents like Eileen O’Reilly Realtors to secure your dream property once you’ve discovered the perfect neighborhood.

In this article, we’re going to uncover Eugene’s secrets and learn about some of the multifaceted characters in this wonderful city.

Is Eugene, Oregon a Good Place to Live?

Eugene is recognized across the United States for its hip and creative charm. How does the idea of a tranquil stroll alongside the Willamette river banks in the evening sound? Would you prefer to get involved in the diverse local music scene? Perhaps simply soaking up the countryside as you sip local produce in Oregon wine country is more to your tune. Emerald City has something for everyone!

Soak up Eugene from your favorite neighborhood

The recent influx of families and young professionals moving to Eugene reflects a fast-growing job market and the amazing work-life balance available to Eugene residents. Transport is accessible, traffic flows, and the sheer number of biking and walking tracks interwoven within and around the city limits makes daily commutes and weekend excursions a joy to be a part of.

The cost of city living is affordable partially due to Oregon’s sales tax exclusion! The population is highly educated and engaged, with some of the best k-12 schools in the state. Not to mention the University of Oregon and Lane Community College, which host over 25,000 undergrad students.

What is the best part of Eugene to live in?

You’ll have a diverse assortment of Eugene neighborhoods to select from, depending on the lifestyle and culture you’re looking for. Young professionals, retirees seeking a forever home, investors, artists, students, and families find Eugene neighborhoods are like a playground of discovery. Anybody can find the perfect blend of lifestyle, professional, educational, and social needs.

Eugene neighborhoods are recognized for their strong sense of community. This is because of the lifestyle blend of bustling metropolitan city life and serene outdoors. So let’s look at the best neighborhoods that homebuyers can find in Eugene.

What are the wealthiest neighborhoods in Eugene?

Cal Young Neighborhood

If you’re looking for a lavish locale with accessible amenities, look no further than the Cal Young neighborhood. Cal Young is just north of the Willamette River, offering a variety of real estate options. Buyers can access homes in the range of $300-400k, though the area also serves some of Eugene’s most high-end subdivisions.

In particular, properties found next to the Willamette River and around Goodpasture Island Loop are some of the most opulent in the city. You can easily walk to the Eugene Country Club and Oakway Golf Course.

Whether or not you’re looking for properties in the upper-end range, you’ll have easy access to some of the city’s finest shopping centers. Delectable meals and exquisite cocktails are never too far away in Cal Young!

College Hill

College Hill is a neighborhood connecting to the east of Friendly. Predominantly historic properties located here lean toward luxury. The community comprises mainly single-family homes on a hilly landscape, with small streets and beautiful sidewalks.

Though College Hill real estate remains distinct from Friendly, modern housing additions in Friendly are driving the future prospects of home prices up, which means it’s a great place to invest.

What are the safest neighborhoods in Eugene, Oregon?

While Eugene is safer to live in than a number of cities in Oregon, the average crime rates sit above the national benchmark. The violent crime rate is only a marginal 3% higher than the national average, and most misdemeanors are concentrated in certain parts of Eugene. With that in mind, the best neighborhoods in Eugene are low-risk, especially the following:

Laurel Hill Valley

Laurel Hill Valley was one of the earliest settlements in Eugene and today is considered one of the safest and calmest. It comprises many large custom homes that overlook the evergreen mountains while being situated within proximity to the luxuries of city life.

This working-class neighborhood is located only ten minutes from downtown Eugene, so Laurel Hill Valley residents have easy access to an abundance of shopping centers, restaurants, great coffee, and museums. Additionally, you can find Laurel Hill Park in the neighborhood, where large expansive green spaces peppered with mature sequoia trees will be waiting for you when you finish work!

Churchill Area

Located in the west of Eugene, Churchill boasts an 18% lower crime rate than the rest of the city. The median home values are lower than most parts of Eugene, and plenty of trees offer a distinctly tranquil (and oh-so Emerald City) ambiance.

The neighborhood has a great community connection, with a number of events during holidays and festive seasons. There are also a lot of dog-friendly parks that your pup will be welcome to play in!

What are the best neighborhoods for families in Eugene, Oregon?

If you’re looking to raise your family in Oregon, a few choices stand out. In particular, the income-to-home value ratio is something many families prioritize. Whether you’re looking for somewhere with a relaxed suburban feel or something more upscale, you can’t go past Crest Drive and Amazon.

Crest Drive

Surrounded by evergreen forests, Eugene’s Southwest Crest Drive is known for its earthy and captivating charm. The median income is around $80,000 and median home values are approximately $305,000. This means residents can enjoy affordable living, even when they are raising a family. Homes are generally a 1970’s build that offers a unique character that’s hard to match in the central city.

The region is well-known as one of Oregon’s top producing wine regions. You won’t have to go very far to taste the fruits of the local produce! If you prefer getting exercise as you check out the wines, you can even jump on the Territorial Wine Trail circling the Lorane Highway.

Additionally, you’ll find plenty of recreational activities to keep the kids occupied during afternoons and weekends. Crest Drive has a suburban feel with winding streets and tall trees.

Amazon Neighborhood

Amazon is a spirited neighborhood located in south Eugene that is suited to raising a family. It is one of the most highly sought-after neighborhoods for academics, professionals, and families. Several great schools are served by the area, including South Eugene High School which is among the top three in the state!

In Amazon, the median income is almost identical to the national average, which means it’s an affordable area to live and work. This neighborhood is situated near the University of Oregon, so it’s a popular choice for university employees who want to skip the traffic and go to work on foot.

For the outdoor enthusiasts, you’ll find Amazon Park in the heart of your neighborhood. This park offers hiking trails, a large playground for the kids, and a community garden you can take part in.

What’s the coolest neighborhood in Eugene?

We’ve covered some of the practical components of neighborhood selection, but let’s not forget that many places in Eugene are downright cool. If you prefer to be surrounded by a vibrant space or derive inspiration from simply walking down the street, these hoods are for you!

Friendly Area

The Friendly Area, named for the well-loved Friendly Street, is one of the best neighborhoods in Eugene, Oregon for forward-looking investments and up-and-coming homes. In recent years, townhouse developments have increased, adding a modern touch to the Friendly Area.

This is in contrast to the more traditional domains below College Hill, where you’ll find bungalows, mid-century ranches, and more spacious home developments. If you’re considering an investment in Eugene, the Friendly Area is one of the best neighborhoods to check out.

You’ll find a secluded feel here that can easily make you forget that you’re right in the heart of Eugene. Friendly Area restaurants feature culinary delights that will whet even the most discerning palettes. Plus, if you enjoy craft beer (and kombucha) on tap, this is the place for you.


The arts and culture that Eugene produces are a major drawcard for many. For the creatives, Whiteaker (commonly known as “Whit”) is one of the best neighborhoods in Eugene. Gain inspiration from the murals and brightly painted buildings every time you step outside of your home.

Get inspired as you wander through Whiteaker

Residents in this neighborhood are mainly students and artists. The median income is lower than the Eugene average, sitting at $24,000. However, the median home value is also lower, at $200,000, so if you’re looking for somewhere to settle in and create to your heart’s desire, this is one of the best places you can live.

Whiteaker offers tons of microbreweries and organic grocery stores, and if you’re into more liberal values, you’ll surely find many kindred spirits in this area.

What are the worst neighborhoods in Eugene?

Every city has a place that sticks out like a sore thumb. In Eugene, many locals consider this to be the West University neighborhood. Located just south of Downtown Eugene, as the name suggests, this area is found on the west side of the U of O campus.

Bear in mind that there are far worse-off areas across the United States, and even in Oregon. You could say this area simply doesn’t live up to the reputation Eugene is building. Crime rate statistics show that the city trouble makers are concentrated around this area. It has the lowest median home value and the lowest median income, coming in at just shy of $11,000.

While we wouldn’t recommend purchasing real estate in the West University neighborhood, it’s certainly no reason to run for the hills.

Where Do You Want To Live in Eugene?

The best neighborhoods in Eugene, Oregon come in almost every color you could imagine. There are preppy areas, family-based suburban localities, and up-front creative vibey suburbs.

Whether you love getting out for a hike on the weekends, tasting your way through some of the United States’ best craft beers and wines, or enjoying the arts and culture in a tight-knit, community-minded city, you’ll find that Eugene has it all.

If you need a local realtor with vast knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect home in the best neighborhoods Eugene has to offer, look no further than Eileen O’Reilly Realtors. We adore this city and its charm, and we know you’ll love it too.

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