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Homes for Sale in Coburg, Oregon

Buying a home in Coburg, whether you’re new to the area or just want to relocate across town, might be scary. You wonder if you’re getting a good bargain and if you’ll be able to repay even a small portion of your expenditure if you sell later. There’s some wonderful news to report! It’s an excellent time to buy a home in Coburg right now!

Eileen O’Reilly is your Oregon real estate specialist, ready to help you every step of the journey with professional and honest advice. Get in touch with us right away and let’s start looking for your ideal house!

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If you’re looking for an educated and competent real estate agent to help you find properties for sale in Coburg, Oregon, Eileen O’Reilly is the one to contact.

Eileen O’Reilly has been aiding consumers in purchasing and selling real estate in Oregon for many years, and they are quite familiar with the Coburg region. They can help you discover the perfect home at sensible rates and will be with you every step of the way.

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Why buy a house in Coburg, Oregon?

Coburg is known for its rich greenery and scenic views. The moderate environment throughout the year provides for a pleasant vacation in any season. Coburg is a thriving neighborhood that encourages families to settle down and enjoy small-town life. Coburg is proud of its small-town charm and wants to create and protect it. The neighborhood is proud of its distinct identity, agricultural, historical, and river-based traditions, and a strong feeling of community, as well as having lower taxes than the metro region.

Coburg’s natural beauty, as well as its National Historic District, is well-known. The Historic Walking Tour of Coburg is a well-known tourist attraction. The south terminus of the Oregon State Willamette Valley Bikeway goes through downtown, giving it a handy stopping point for traveling cyclists. The Coburg Car Classic, Summer Concerts, Coburg Antique Fair, and the Farmer’s Market are all well-attended annual events.

Coburg is a business-friendly community that encourages growth. Coburg offers a lot of modest industrial and interstate commercial land throughout Interstate 5, in addition to the possibility to grow in the attractive downtown. Coburg has recently spent millions of dollars on water and sewage infrastructure, as well as developments to the Coburg-I-5 Interchange.

Coburg has a high-ranked public K-8 local school, and also a local fire department, and a police force.

Homes for Sale in Coburg

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What is it like to live in Coburg, Oregon

Coburg has preserved remarkable preservation of history since 1847. Coburg has a tale that is best understood when experienced, from the Historic Homes to the century-old bell at the front of the Coburg Community Charter School. In the center of the south Willamette Valley, about fifteen minutes north of Eugene and Springfield, Oregon. Coburg has many of the conveniences of a larger city while also keeping its small-town charm.

Coburg inhabitants enjoy a good quality of life with cycling, vintage shopping, restaurants, pedestrian-oriented, and historic homes, which are separated from their urban neighbors by a stretch of grassland and the McKenzie River.

Homes for Sale in Coburg, Oregon

Cost of Living in Coburg, Oregon

With a population of 1,144, Coburg is a city in Lane County, Oregon. A single person in Coburg pays $35,551 per year for accommodation, groceries, childcare services, transit, medical services, taxes, and other essentials, which is less than Oregon’s yearly cost of living of $39,787 value lower than the national number of $38,433.

Cost of Living Coburg Oregon Nationwide

Real Estate Market

One of the most vital factors of living costs is housing. The typical house value in Coburg is $288,400, which is more than the national average home price of $204,900.

Renting might be a less expensive option than buying a property. In Coburg, 32.30 percent of occupied residences are leased, which is lower than the national average of 36.2 percent. The average renter in Coburg pays $869 per month, which is less than the national median of $1,023 per month.

One of the most important drivers of housing affordability, aside from house value, is local income. House prices ratios range from roughly 1.0 in the least costly areas to more than 10.0 in the nation’s most expensive markets, despite the fact that the average price of a home in the United States is 3.4 times the $60,293 median household income. The typical household income in Coburg is $55,208, which is 5.2 times the average home value.

  • Average House Listing Price


  • Days on the Market

    15 Days

  • Median Household Income


  • Average Price Range

    $500K - $900K

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Homes for sale in Coburg

Is Coburg, OR a good place to live?
Yes! The city of Coburg boasts a nice blend of landscape, climate, and small-town vibe, as well as a relatively affordable cost of living compared to other parts of Oregon.
What are the top industries in Oregon?
Farming, higher education, innovation, tourism and leisure, commerce, industry, health care, administration, and social assistance are the leading industries in Oregon.
How is the weather in Coburg?

Summers in Coburg are brief, warm, dry, and mainly clear, whereas winters are very harsh, rainy, and cloudy. The temperature normally ranges from 35°F to 87°F throughout the year, with temperatures seldom falling below 25°F or rising over 97°F.