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Homes For Sale in Friendly Area, Eugene, OR

The Friendly Area Neighborhood in Eugene, Oregon truly lives up to its name. This charming neighborhood embodies the spirit of Eugene and offers a diverse mix of architectural styles and personal expressions. The majority of the area features flat terrain, with hills beginning to rise as you head south, adding a scenic touch to the landscape. One of the highlights of the Friendly Area Neighborhood is the local market situated right within the community: The Friendly Street Market. This market serves as a gathering place for residents, offering a convenient and friendly spot to shop for everyday needs and local products.

What about Frendly Area Real Estate Market? The median price for homes in this neighborhood is $520,564. That makes it more expensive than 62.5% of neighborhoods in Oregon and 75.0% of neighborhoods across the entire United States. Friendly North offers a higher-end real estate market compared to many other areas. If you’re considering renting in Friendly North, the average rental price is currently $2,703. This puts it higher than 81.6% of neighborhoods in Oregon. While it may not be the most affordable rental option in the state, it presents a range of choices for those seeking a rental property in this desirable neighborhood.

The real estate landscape in Friendly Area is predominantly composed of medium-sized single-family homes, ranging from three to four bedrooms, as well as smaller options like studios and two-bedroom residences. Additionally, the neighborhood encompasses small apartment buildings, offering a variety of housing choices for residents. One of the distinguishing features of Friendly North is its dynamic mix of homeowners and renters, fostering a lively and diverse community.

Many of the residences in Friendly Area have a touch of history, as they were built between 1940 and 1969. These older, well-established homes add a sense of charm and character to the neighborhood. Additionally, you’ll find homes built between 1970 and 1999, showcasing a range of architectural styles and options.

With a low vacancy rate of 1.8%, which is lower than 88.7% of neighborhoods in the United States, Friendly Area experiences high demand for housing. This indicates that the housing supply is limited compared to the demand, creating a competitive market for properties in the area. So, if you’re interest to an urban setting, diverse housing choices, and the allure of a tight housing market, this area presents an intriguing neighborhood to consider for your next home.