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Homes For Sale in Southwest Hills Neighborhood, Eugene, OR

Here is some interesting details about South Hills in Eugene, Oregon. The median real estate price in this neighborhood is $435,000. That makes it more expensive than about 41.6% of neighborhoods in Oregon and 66.6% of neighborhoods across the United States. So, it falls on the pricier side compared to many other areas. If you’re considering renting, the average rental price in South Hills is currently around $1,700. This places it lower in price than about 71.2% of neighborhoods in Oregon. So, you might find some more affordable rental options here compared to other parts of the state.

Urban neighborhoods like South Hills, Eugene are known for their diverse communities and a wide range of amenities, such as restaurants, shops, parks, and entertainment options. With a higher population density, there is often a greater sense of activity & a vibrant social scene. Living in an urban neighborhood like South Hills can offer a lot of convenience, as you’ll have easy access to a variety of amenities within walking distance or a short drive away. Whether you’re looking for trendy restaurants, local boutiques, or community events, there’s usually something exciting happening nearby.

The current vacancy rate in South Hills is 1.2%. That’s lower than about 91.2% of neighborhoods across the entire U.S. It indicates a high demand for properties in South Hills, with a tight housing supply. So, that’s the scoop on South Hills. It’s a neighborhood that offers a range of housing options, with a mix of older and more modern residences. While it may be on the pricier side compared to some areas, it still has more affordable rental options available. Just keep in mind that the housing market in South Hills is competitive due to the tight supply and high demand. And if you are looking for homes for sale in urban neighborhood with diverse housing options, South Hills should be worth exploring.