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Homes for Sale in Florence, Oregon

You can’t really go wrong with Florence, which has a wonderful seaside vibe and a wealth of intriguing attractions and natural scenery. We understand that locating the ideal house may be a difficult and time-consuming endeavor, but we’re here to assist!

Eileen O’Reilly is your real estate expert in Oregon, ready to guide you through the process with professional guidance and candid counsel. Get in contact with us as soon as possible and let’s begin hunting for your dream home!
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Eileen O’Reilly is an eXp Realty real estate broker in Oregon and California who is dedicated and accomplished. She is a well-known producer in the Bay Area and has expanded her business to serve clients in Oregon. Eileen is eager to help customers better their lives via property investing and to find practical solutions to the challenges that buyers and sellers confront on a daily basis.

When it comes to dealing with buyers, we understand how to present houses in a way that stands out. We employ a unique fee structure as well as the most up-to-date promotional strategies to ensure that our clients make big profits on every house. Eileen’s Luxury Home Marketing and Senior Real Estate Specialization credentials, as well as her excellent diligence and sophistication, set her apart from the rest of the Oregon real estate market when it comes to presenting residences to potential purchasers.

Why buy a house in Florence, Oregon?

On the Central Oregon Coast, Florence offers a multitude of adventures—fun activities to do and see, such as uncrowded beaches, beautiful dunes, golfing, fishing, horse riding, ATV riding, sandboarding, and more. That’s simply the first few days of your new life.

You can just come to Florence and reminisce and share your childhood experiences of family vacations. Trekking, kite flying, camping, crabbing, whale watching, and storm watching are all great ways to make precious memories with family and friends.

All of it is easily accessible right here on the Oregon Coast.

Homes for Sale in Florence, Oregon

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What is it like to live in Florence Oregon?

Florence, located on the Oregon coast, is a fun and charming city. The location is ideal for anybody searching for a blend of metropolitan life along with the stunning landscape of the Oregon Coast. It is situated between two coastal cities, Newport and Coos Bay, a bit over an hour away from Eugene. Residents not only have access to gorgeous beaches, dunes, parkland, and the enormous Sea Lion Caves, but the city also has a rich past reflected in its history and art.

You can find solace in the area’s various beaches, woodland regions, riversides, or old town centers, thanks to the area’s different landscapes. Florence has the charm of a tiny town while yet offering limitless chances for adventure and pleasure. The town has acquired the label of Oregon’s Coastal Playground because of its lovely and bucolic residential areas, a lively yet quirky downtown core, and numerous activities and attractions.

Despite its tiny size, Florence has a diverse range of neighborhoods, each with its own set of attractions. Downtown Florence, for example, is quite walkable and has a busy social scene with several shops, eateries, and hiking paths. In comparison to other Oregon communities, the city core is relatively reasonably priced.

Cost of Living in Florence, Oregon

With a population of 8,815, Florence is the largest city in Lane County, Oregon. For a working adult in Florence, the overall cost of housing, groceries, childcare costs, transportation, medical services, taxes, and other needs is $35,551 per year, which is less than Oregon’s yearly cost of living of $39,787 and the national number of $38,433.

Cost of Living Florence Oregon USA
100 = National Average

The Real Estate Market in Florence

Approximately 36.50 percent of occupied residences in Florence are leased, which is similar to the national renter rate of 36.2 percent. So renting might be a less expensive option than buying a property. The average renter in Florence pays $845 per month, which is roughly the same as the national median rent of $1,023 per month.

One of the most important factors of housing affordability, aside from house value, is local income. Affordability of housing ratios ranges from roughly 1 in the least costly areas to more than 10 in the nation’s most expensive markets, despite the fact that the average price of a home in the United States is 3.4 times the $60,293 median household income. The average household income in Florence is $57,857, which is 4.9 times the average home value.

  • Price Range

    Properties for sale in Florence range in price from $25K to $2.7M

  • Median Listing Price

    Median house listing price in Florence is $512K.
    The average home listing cost per square foot is $308.

  • Median Household Income

    The average household income in Florence is $57,857

  • Number of Days in the Market

    Homes for sale in Florence are on the market for an average of 41 Days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Homes for sale in Florence

Is Florence a Good Place to Live in?

Yes! Florence offers all of the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty and facilities without the related costs. Florence has a cost of living that is about 8% cheaper than the Oregon standard.

Lovely beaches, lush greenery, beautiful lakes, and several hiking paths can be found in this coastal town. The countryside surrounding Florence has almost any sort of natural environment you choose.

What is there to do in Florence, OR?

The Hobbit hiking route, the Darlingtonia State Natural Site, and the Sea Lion Caves are just a few of Florence’s natural features. Riding around in off-road motorcycles and buggies is common at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. The historical Heceta Head Lighthouse, which was originally lighted in 1894, is a must-see site, as is the Siuslaw River drawbridge.