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Homes for Sale in Lane County, Oregon

Lane County is where you, your family, and your friends can truly enjoy peace and quiet, just like the 382,971 people currently living there. If you’re looking for a home in a place blessed with a lot of greenery, a quality education and healthcare system, and brimming with countless business opportunities. Lane County will suit you.

People buy new homes and move around for different reasons. Nonetheless, what is a given is that checking for homes for sale in Lane County, Oregon, can be a tedious affair. Eileen O’Reilly knows how difficult it is to find your dream home. That’s why she has dedicated her career to finding the perfect homes for you in Oregon.

Eileen O’Reilly is a successful and devoted eXp Realty real estate broker who works in Oregon and California. Her work ethic, compassion, and genuine care for clients’ wants and needs have placed her among the top producers in the Bay Area. There’s no need to search Lane County on your own. Contact us today to get the best realtor in the market!

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Due to her Luxury Home Marketing and Senior Real Estate Specialization certifications, heart-centered attitude, thoughtful pricing approach, and unique digital marketing techniques, Eileen stands out from other Oregon real estate professionals.

Eileen finds realistic answers to problems that buyers and sellers experience in real estate. We can promise that in our hands, clients and sellers will enjoy significant profits on each home sold or purchased.

Why buy a house in Lane County, Oregon?

Geographically, Lane County is located halfway down Oregon’s coastline on the west side of the state. Its 4,620 square miles are home to many picturesque landscapes, from the breathtaking Oregon coast to the frosty Cascade Mountains.

Lane County has the verdant Willamette Valley, which surrounds its small towns and rural settlements with beautiful forestry. This arrangement gives Lane County the hometown charm and keeps it away from the city lights. At the same time, the booming Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area offers a flourishing urban hub for locals and tourists alike.

There are several good reasons to consider homes for sale in Lane County, but to offer you a more thorough picture of Lane County, let’s look at each benefit in more detail.

Homes for Sale in Lane County, Oregon
  • Economy

    Over the past year, the employment rate in Lane County has grown by 1.1 percent. The future job growth projection is 40.3 percent over the next 10 years, which is greater than the 33.5 percent US average.

  • Cost of Living

    Lane County's cost of living is 3.1 percent more than the national average compared to the rest of the nation.

  • Temperature & Climate

    In Lane County, July, August, and September are summer–the weather is warm and pleasant on the skin. November through March brings colder weather, rain, and some snow.

  • Voting

    Lane County remains solidly Democratic.

  • Real Estate

    A single family homes' median sales price was $450,000 -an increase of 8.4% from $415,000 in June 2021. In June of 2021, there were 516 closed sales, whereas in June 2022, there were 465 -a decrease of 9.9%.

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What is it like to live in Lane County Oregon?

There are several reasons why Lane County is the location of choice for different people. Lane County homes are a perfect fit, whether you are a retiree, a young couple, or just someone who fantasizes about living in an uplifting environment. The Eugene/Springfield metropolitan area provides residents of Lane County an urban and suburban feel and exploration options.

Lane County also shows potential to be an economic powerhouse in the Oregon area. It is expected to expand by over 40 percent in the next decade, thereby standing higher than the national average in the same timeframe. The area’s economic potential makes homes sell fast, indicating that you must be quick in making a purchase.

Lane County’s cost of living is comparable to the national average, at about 3 percent above the national average.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Homes for sale in Lane County

What makes Lane County a location of choice?

Lane County, Oregon, is appealing with its picturesque landscape, which features the mountains and Oregon coast. It also brings two worlds to its residents in its typical quiet and serene environment and the metro hub in Eugene, which is close by and easily accessible.

What is the weather and climate like in Lane County, Oregon?

The weather and climate in Lane County are excellent. The best time of the year is between July and September, with November through March as months with more rain, colder temperatures and some snow.

How fast do homes sell in the area?
Prices of homes in Lane County have increased for 70 straight months due to its growth potential. These statistics further indicate that you must quickly close your purchase with real estate professionals.
When is a good time to buy a home in Lane County, Oregon?

Now. Keep in mind that this is a location of choice for many and houses sell fast. To get a piece of the pie, you must hurry. Regardless, it’s best to check for houses after the heavy snowfall period and before the hot summer months.

Should you go about your search with real estate professionals?

Yes. There’s indeed no reason to search homes for sale in Lane County, Oregon, on your own. Eileen is a trusted professional who covers this area. She is always ready to help you find your dream home with little stress.