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The Emerald City – All About Downtown in Eugene, Oregon!

Walk too quickly through downtown Eugene, day or night, and who knows what you might miss! Teeming with eclectic folks, savory foods, signature drinks, and an assortment of shopping and recreational destinations, the city center of Kesey Square is the beating heart of Eugene, Oregon.

With something for everyone, this enriching, entertaining, sensory-stimulating hub is perfect for visitors and residents alike.

Want to learn more? Feel free to call a first-class Oregon realtor whose property acumen and cultural sensitivity have delivered for clients, again and again. In no time at all, you can live and breathe this vibrant Pacific Northwest style every day.

Downtown Eugene is an Excellent Location for any Homebuyer

With exciting live music shows, fun restaurants like Ambrosia Restaurant, and performing arts complexes like the Hult Center, downtown Eugene is the engrossing, all-encompassing lifestyle experience that individuals and families love.

Sip dark mochas and enjoy free wifi at a jazzy ladies’ cafe, hit the indoor pool and classy food at your hotel or motel, or browse the seemingly endless array of city center shops and boutiques. In downtown Eugene, you can have it all or pick and choose, à la carte.

The choice is yours!

Day or Night, Eugene Downtown is a Hot Ticket!

If any of these attractions pique your interest, you’re not alone.

Available properties can go fast, and if a verified traveler stays in a hotel or inn, she or he can quickly become tomorrow’s new resident. Eugene downtown is the place to be.

It’s no wonder so many people cherish the rich and layered blend of all downtown Eugene offers.

The Eugene City Center: A Magnet for Guests, Visitors, and Residents Alike

Let’s cover some of the top destinations, locations, and attractions of downtown Eugene, from fastidious hotels like the Inn at the 5th Eugene or Timber Inn to local artists’ exhibits, flavorful food trucks, special events at the Saturday Market, and more.

Plan your visit start date and end date, book motels or hotels near the fun, and explore the city center of Eugene downtown for all it can be. If you enjoy your time and can see yourself moving, don’t hesitate to call a top Eugene realtor you can trust.

Here are some of the best places to see, reasons to move, and things to do in downtown Eugene, Oregon.

Lavish Downtown Eugene Hotels Like The Gordon

Eugene downtown is home to many posh, polished, high-class motels and hotels near the city center. Known for their friendly staff, nice rooms, and excellent service, these Eugene motels and hotels are second-to-none.

Nestle in your cozy room or sit by the lobby fireplace, sipping wine from the bar. There are many motels and hotels near Eugene downtown, whether a chain hotel, a first-class hotel, a rustic or modern inn like the Campus Inn, or a fully-furnished and luxurious motel.

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From artistic and creative award winners like The Gordon to the hotel or motel with the lowest nightly price, the Eugene city center offers patrons the full range. Whether an affordable night stay with free wifi, or opulence and comfort, complete with free parking, great breakfast, a big screen TV., and a cheerful fire burning in the lobby, downtown Eugene makes all guests happy.

Love Your Day and Night at the Art-Centric Gordon Hotel

Located at 555 Oak Street in downtown Eugene, The Gordon is a critically acclaimed, imaginatively conceived must-visit for any guest to the city. With an authentic ‘Art Bar,’ rooftop bar, Mexican eatery, and a range of cozy niches to unwind, drink, or snack, The Gordon impresses immediately upon entry.

Joined with the 5th Street Public Market, The Gordon opens right into the reputed Market Alley where artisans, boutiques, cafes, and quaint shops abound. With fresh locally-sourced Oregon fare, 82 signature crafted guestrooms, and naturally integrated social spaces, The Gordon is truly in a world of its own. 

The Hotels of Downtown Eugene are the Epitome of Luxury and Comfort

Like The Gordon, the Inn at the 5th Eugene is another excellent motel/hotel located in downtown Eugene for prime access. In fact, this boutique hotel is ranked the #14 hotel of all national hotels by the 2019 TRAVELERS CHOICE. It offers modern and spacious guest rooms and suites, authentic French cuisine, and a guaranteed night of great rest.

Grab the TV remote, hit the downtown Eugene, Oregon, bars, or get satiated with great breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All guests receive free wifi. When booking a stay, be sure to verify your check-in and check-out start date.

Ensure Your Hotel or Motel Stay Is Verified for The Best Experience Possible

Besides The Gordon and Inn at the 5th Eugene, there are many downtown Eugene city center hotels near the action, including the Gordon Hotel and Campus Inn. As a verified traveler, get your hotel questions answered by email, phone, or on-site. Have your check in selected date and I.D photo presented if there are problems booking.

Remember, availability is subject to change. If you’re unsure about a select date, just ask the courteous staff member with the desk Oompa Loompa! Seriously, these downtown Eugene hotels do not disappoint.

The Hult Center Event Extravaganza at Downtown Eugene, Oregon

Once your hotel or motel room in downtown Eugene is secured, it’s time to enjoy your day and night at the Eugene city center! Located in the heart of it all, this regional performing arts center maintains two majestic theaters, the Silva Concert Hall and Soreng Theater.

brown wooden chair inside the building photo

You can enjoy receptions, conferences, presentations, performances, and more. Listen to the Eugene Symphony, watch the Ballet Fantastique, be mesmerized by illusionists, or enjoy touring Broadway dance shows. It’s all here!

Delicious, Fresh, and Healthy Dishes to Savor at the Eugene 5th Street Market

Get breakfast, lunch, or dinner at this Eugene staple. Known for eclectic eateries, local wines, and upscale boutique items, the 5th Street Market is centrally located in downtown Eugene. If you like breweries, Falling Sky has two locations, a Brewpub and Pourhouse where patrons enjoy an endless variety of delicious handcrafted meals and drinks. Day or night, you can connect with the culture, flavor, and fervor of this classic dining, drinking, and shopping destination.

When you’re done, feel free to walk or drive a short bit to the Ambrosia Restaurant and Bar for some Italian cuisine, or 6th Street Restaurant and Sports Bar for burgers and microbrews. In the mood for an artisan sandwich? The Eugene Bagel Sphere is right around the corner.

A seasoned Eugene realtor is familiar with all these spots and can point you to all the attractions.

Hit the Road for Downtown Eugene Tours

Finally, don’t forget to branch out from your hotel or motel, and downtown Eugene itself, for some quality Oregon tours. Enjoy scenic locations along coastal Highway 101 of the Oregon Coast or partake in the Willamette Valley Wine Tour at wineries outside Eugene.

For a particularly memorable experience, join the Pacific Pub Cycle. This two-hour tour takes you to three eclectic hot spots in Eugene’s Whiteaker and Market Districts. Enjoy unique beers, wines, spirits, and samplers before hopping back on the mural-on-wheels “Big Bike” and peddling to your next destination!

And if you have a little too much to drink, don’t worry. The ‘lead pilots’ handle all the steering.

Excited about joining a tour? Just remember: virtually all the tours pick up guests at downtown Eugene motels and hotels.

Miss a tour? Don’t worry, they recur weekly, so if you’re an obsessive date picker, you have plenty of opportunities!

You can also do self-guided tours in downtown Eugene. Find free parking, stroll the Oregon campus, hit the markets and shops, watch a performance, or just lounge around downtown while soaking in the sights and sounds.

Experience Downtown Eugene for Yourself!

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At a certain point, you have to see it for yourself. With so much to offer, downtown Eugene is the perfect place to live. Are you single? Do you have a partner? Kids or a family? Regardless, everyone’s guaranteed to love it.

If you’re making the move to our fantastic locale, take the hassle out of home searching. Book a call with a top Eugene realtor.

Using a heart-centered approach, combined with a tenacious drive, Eileen O’Reilly has helped many clients transform their living through downtown Eugene, Oregon, real estate. So why not you?

Eileen O'Reilly

Eileen O’Reilly is a Bay Area Top Producer, and one of eXp Realty’s most dedicated and successful real estate agents in Oregon. Committed to finding real solutions to the challenges buyers and sellers face today, Eileen draws from a heart-centered approach and tenacious drive to help clients transform their lives through real estate.