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10 Things to Do in Eugene, Oregon

10 Things to Do in Eugene, Oregon

Eugene is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. Between its gorgeous natural setting, location near the coast, vibrant culture, and vast array of outdoor activities, there’s something for everyone. You can’t run out of fun things to do in Eugene, Oregon. 

People go to the Pacific Northwest to see things they can’t see anywhere else. The misty forests, the scenic coastline, and the mountains that rise to the sky. 

They all share the same characteristic in that they are picturesque and beautiful. And Eugene happens to be located in this region. 

Eugene is a small city with a big heart. It has a lot to offer visitors of all ages. Would you like to escape the city and explore nature? This lovely city offers a lot of sights and activities. 

Are you moving to or visiting and wondering what to do in Eugene, Oregon? We’ll make that decision easier for you. Let’s get to it. 

Eugene, Oregon Overview

Eugene, Oregon, is an outdoorsy region known as TrackTown USA, which gave birth to many outstanding Olympic runners and encouraged the founding of Nike. 

Furthermore, it is home to iconic sports facilities and hosts a variety of sporting events, including well-known marathons, numerous U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Track & Field, and the first World Athletics Championships to be held in the country.

The University of Oregon, Lane Community College, and Bushnell University are just a few of the numerous colleges and universities in the thriving college town of Eugene.

Additionally, craft beer is valued in this region, and the Eugene Ale Trail offers a sample of the regional flavor. You pack some friends onto a big trailer that you pedal around the city and you visit lots of breweries.  It is tons of fun,  but it can be deadly if you drink too much.

Eugene has a wealth of delicacies grown nearby as a gourmet destination. Every meal can be improved by a glass of acclaimed Oregon Pinot Grigio in the Willamette Valley.

What Is It Like Living in Eugene, Oregon?

The Cascade Mountains are located 100 miles east of Eugene, Oregon, while the coast is 60 miles away. Like very few other areas in the country, the city provides the perfect blend.

Eugene, which bills itself as a bustling metropolis for the arts and nature, boasts a flourishing local creative and cultural scene in addition to a wide range of recreational opportunities.

The performing arts alternatives in the region are led by the Eugene Ballet, the Eugene Symphony, the Eugene Opera, and Ballet Fantastique. 

Frescoes, street art, and murals are shown on public buildings, parks, and areas, spilling from art museums and coffee shops.

Quick Facts About Eugene, Oregon

Quick Facts About Eugene, Oregon

Maybe you’re planning to move to Eugene, or maybe you’re just planning a visit. Apart from learning what to do in Eugene, Oregon, here are some quick, useful facts about this exciting town.

Metro Population 


Unemployment Rate


Average Annual Salary


Median Age

39.7 years old

Median Monthly Rent


Median Home Price


It takes a lot of thought to relocate. Whether you’re moving across town or new to the area, deciding to buy a home can be overwhelming. 

However, Eugene, Oregon, has some of the most gorgeous homes available nationwide! By browsing through homes for sale in Eugene, Oregon, you may find that home you’ve always dreamed of. 

Things to Do in Eugene, Oregon

Eugene, Oregon, is a beautiful place to visit for a long weekend or to call home. It’s a perfect home base for exploring the countryside and a great outdoor recreation destination. 

Below, we’ll highlight some of the most exciting things to do in Eugene, Oregon.

10 Things to Do in Eugene

#1 Visit The Museum of Natural and Cultural History

Eugene is home to the biggest and most unique natural history museum on the West coast. If you’re wondering what to do in Eugene, Oregon, visit the Museum of Natural and Cultural History.

You can find this museum on 15th Avenue, between the Knight Law Center and Global Scholars Hall, on the University of Oregon campus.

What Makes it Special?

The longhouses of Native Americans from the Pacific Northwest are reminiscent of the museum’s architecture. The museum also presents transient displays with topics related to the Northwest and its permanent collection.

The museum was founded in 1876 with the geologist Thomas Condon’s fossil collection. It houses 100,000 fossils, nearly a million archaeological items, cultural objects, and numerous animal specimens.

#2 Explore The Cascades Raptor Center

The Cascades Raptor Center is a well-known wildlife hospital and animal preservation facility. 

More than 40 raptors indigenous to the Northwest Pacific region call it home.

how to spent time in Eugen Oregon

What Makes it Special?

This nature center was established to rescue and rehabilitate animals. It is renowned for its nature conservation health center and infrastructure for migratory birds like hawks, owls, and vultures.

In fact, going to the facility is one of the best family activities in Eugene because it offers a great learning experience.

With the assistance of the trained team and the application of the highest possible standards in animal health care and treatment, the hospital looks after over 200 wounded or abandoned raptors each year. 

The birds are returned to their habitat after receiving treatment and finishing their full recovery.  Those birds that are unable to be returned, live at the Raptor Center.

The Cascades Raptor Center doesn’t allow visitors to come in contact with the hospitalized birds. There are roughly sixty birds that are never released since they are undergoing treatment that limits their exposure. 

Numerous tourists and visitors stop by their huge aviaries on the forested slope to learn more about the birds.

Explore this wildlife hospital and sanctuary, where you may get a close-up view of raptors to discover some of the unusual sights in Eugene.

#3 Spend Time Exploring The Jordan Schnitzer Museum

For historical and contemporary art, the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art is a leading institution in the Pacific Northwest.

What Makes it Special? 

The American Alliance of Museums has recognized this museum. It was founded in 1933 and is located on the University of Oregon campus, the state of Oregon’s only academic art museum.

It showcases a range of artistic disciplines from the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

As soon as you enter this creative space, you’ll feel like you’ve traveled the world.

Inside the museum, you may view Russian iconography from the fourteenth century, tapestries by Barbarini, and their substantial Asian art collections.

Inside the museum are photographs from as far back as the 1800s. Here you can also see the works of modern painters like Warhol and Monet.

Spend time exploring the realm of art. Make this museum your safe haven.

#4 Enjoy the Great Outdoors at Alton Baker Park

This well-liked urban park in the center of Eugene features long stretches of bike lanes and running trails. You won’t have to travel far to discover the ideal location for your favorite leisure activities.

What Makes it Special?

The park’s waterways are one of its distinctive features. Simply rent a kayak to enjoy the waters of Alton Baker Park.

In addition to being conveniently located, this park is close to other popular attractions in Eugene, like University of Oregon campus.

You can choose routes in the park, including rocky riverfront, soft redwood bark, and asphalt.

Additionally, the park offers amenities that make for a complete experience, including a frisbee golf course, dog park and a scale replica of the Solar System are available.

#5 Check Out the Items at The Eugene Saturday Market

The oldest outdoor artisan market still operating every week, this market is the ideal place to buy locally crafted goods. Take in live music, and sample international food from their International Food Court.

Check Out the Items at The Eugene Saturday Market

What Makes it Special?

One of Eugene residents’ top pastimes is visiting the Saturday market.

Here you may find anything and everything local, including locally manufactured products, fresh produce and food, live music, and more.

Finding what you’re searching for is possible by selecting from a range of stalls.

While browsing, enjoy the music from local musicians. Many artists from Eugene and other cities nearby sell their goods here.

#6 Take a Stroll Along The Willamette River Bike Trail

Exploring as much of Eugene and its environs as possible is a fun choice. Take a leisurely bike tour along the Willamette River Bike Trail.

What Makes it Special?

The Willamette River Bike Trail connects Eugene and Springfield, passing scenic and natural areas along the way and providing breathtaking sights of the river the entire way.

It extends just over 12 miles in total and winds along both banks of the Willamette River. It is a network of concreted and unpaved paths.

While cycling along the south side, you will pass notable locations like the University of Oregon, Skinner Butte Park, and the Owen Rose Garden. On the north bank, however, you will pass through pristine forests and Alton Baker Park.

#7 Unleash Your Inner Football Fan at The Autzen Stadium

There are endless opportunities for fun, relaxation, and family time. What better place to interact with friends or loved ones than at Autzen Stadium?

Unleash Your Inner Football Fan at The Autzen Stadium in Eugene Oregon

What Makes it Special?

The Oregon Ducks’ home field is Autzen Stadium, an outdoor football stadium in Eugene, Oregon. A short distance away, on the University of Oregon campus, is where this stadium is located.

The largest sports arena in Oregon, it has the potential to become one of the collegiate sports’ loudest stadiums when filled–54,000 roaring Duck supporters can be accommodated at this famous outdoor arena.

Watching a thrilling football game and witnessing a live match of terrific historical contests at this magnificent stadium will help unleash your inner football lover.

Fall is when the majority of the games are played.

Additionally, there are many sports pubs in the area for you to attend.

#8 Go Wine Tasting at King Estate Winery

The outstanding King Estate Winery is one of the Willamette Valley’s 700+ wineries and it’s one you definitely want to take advantage of.

What Makes it Special?

Its expansive location, which is right outside Lorane and is the biggest single biodynamic approved winery in North America, is 40 minutes south of Eugene.

The massive, sustainably sourced winery was founded in 1991 and has received accolades ever since. It is widely credited with popularizing Pinot Gris.

Visitors to the winery’s tourist center can go on tours of the thriving vines or enjoy some fine wine at the tasting bar, gourmet restaurant, or in a unique setting on the patio.

The property grows various fruits, vegetables, and flowers in addition to growing grapes and making prize wines. Then, in its restaurant, these are coupled with Pinot Noirs and Red wines, or they are used to adorn the already breathtakingly beautiful estate.

#9 Visit The University of Oregon

The highly regarded University of Oregon occupies most of the city center. It is the most prestigious higher-learning institution in the state.

What to Do In Eugene, Oregon

What Makes it Special?

There is lovely architecture, evocative old ivy-covered buildings on its campus, a delightful arboretum, and a magnificent art museum.

It was established in 1876 and now abodes five colleges emphasizing the arts, sciences, and law. The campus is also home to numerous libraries, quads, and research facilities.

More information on the city’s distinguished past is available when taking tours. And heritage while visiting revered buildings and modern sporting venues.

Along with soaking up the atmosphere, you can explore the vast collections of artwork and artifacts housed in the Museum of Natural and Cultural History and the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art. 

Additionally, you can always catch a riveting game of one of the numerous collegiate sports teams that play there.

#10 Take in The Magnificence of Mount Pisgah

The majestic Mount Pisgah is another place that receives high ratings for being an excellent place to experience magnificent outdoor activities, perspectives, and wildlife.

What Makes it Special?

You may escape the noise and bustle of the city in about fifteen minutes by driving to the arboretum’s gorgeous natural setting.

The little mountain, southeast of Eugene, rises impressively above the Willamette Valley and offers breathtaking views from its 1532-foot top.

Visitors can meander about the extensive, lovely Mount Pisgah arboretum, which contains a wide variety of native plants and trees, and follow hiking trails to the top.

With flower-filled meadows and verdant forests, it is no surprise that Mount Pisgah draws nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. You can take in the lovely waterways, picture-perfect picnic areas on the hillsides, and romantic riverside hikes.

Discovering Lovely Things to Do in Eugene

10 Things to Do in Eugene, Oregon

You’re missing out if you need to familiarize yourself with Eugene, Oregon. This remarkable city is home to breathtaking parks, delicious food, and trendy boutiques. 

With so many things to do in Eugene, Oregon, it can take time to decide what to do next. The city has plenty of attractions, activities, and events to keep you busy, but sometimes it can take time to know where to start. 

Without question, Eugene offers a never-ending supply of fun things to do. The Eugene area is perfect for fresh air, great food, and friendly people.

Understandably, Eugene has become one of Oregon’s most sought-after locations for living and visiting due to the abundance of opportunities for outdoor exploration. 

If you’re visiting, you will, in fact, discover something here that will have you coming back again and again.

Looking for Homes in Eugene, Oregon?

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