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A Drinker’s Guide to the Top 5 Bars in Eugene, Oregon

Nestled in the red alders, dogwoods, and maples of the Pacific Northwest, magical Eugene, OR, is a city that cherishes its drinks. Whether you like to throw a few back during the game, test your refined palette with classy liqueurs, sample the latest seasonal microbrews, or drink for any other reason at all, you’ll surely find Eugene’s eclectic bar and restaurant scene to your liking.

In fact, the Eugene tap house, bar, pub, and watering hole options are numerous. Looking for a new place to live with a veritable selection of adult beverages? Call a real estate agent who understands the market and its cross-cultural influences.

The Best Eugene Bars Are Open for Business...

Drinkers, boozers, guzzlers, winos, bingers, partiers, occasional imbibers – they all find homes in Eugene, OR. There’s a setting and style for every adult beverage consumer; a place and time for every bargoer.

If you’re fond of great places to drink and eat, whether indoors or outdoor, the picturesque Emerald City is meant for you.

Enjoy delicious food like perfectly seasoned prime rib, browse a consummate cocktail menu, or just go to hangout for a bit. Your reasons are yours and yours alone. What matters is that you find that perfect bar or restaurant that meets your needs.

Let’s review (in no particular order) the top 5 Eugene bars as of 2023.

1. Viking Braggot Company

Consume like a hearty Viking. Put some hair on your chest and some length on your beard. If you’re in the mood for a throwback to our seafaring warriors of the 9th, 10th, and 11th centuries, Viking Braggot Company is the first stop on your list.

Check out their selection of braggots on tap, fill up your glass, and grab some larger-than-life smorgasbord. Nothing beats a day or night out like great food and a full line of amazing braggots.

What are Braggots? The Difference Between Braggots and Beers

Braggots are fermented beverages originating with the Vikings. The result of beer and fermented honey or mead, braggots pay homage to the Norse traditions of lifetimes long passed.

The Review Is In - Local Ingredients are GREAT for Business!

Made only from the finest local ingredients, these beer and honey concoctions are guaranteed good fun for all. Some are heavier on mead; others are predominantly beer.

Guide to the Top 5 Bars in Eugene, Oregon

As a result, drinkers enjoy a depth and complexity of taste that the average bar/restaurant cannot match.

Whether you want to sit under a tarp, eat your meal in a well-lit room, or soak in the atmosphere with outdoor seating, you can do so with the Viking Braggot Company.

Enjoy the Viking Bar and Menu in Two Town Locations

The Company has two locations, Brewery Taproom on Commercial Street, and Southtowne Pub on Willamette Street. With a full bar and menu, these prime daytime and nightlife locations provide patrons with many favorites.

For some interesting trivia, grab your friends and family and head to Thursday Trivia Night at the Braggot Brewery Taproom on Commercial St. Just don’t let the braggots go to your head!

For intermingling, Swedish smorgasbord platters and goat cheese pizza are ideal. If you want an individual entrée, try the Mashers and Mushroom Gravy or the Berserker Burger with peppered bacon and havarti.

The Restaurant and Bar Business Has Never Been Better

Speaking of burgers, the burgers are to die for!

Find out for yourself and leave a food review. But before you’re done, wash it down with a saccharine or tart braggot! You won’t regret it.

The bars in Eugene, OR, rarely disappoint. If you want to experience some of the best bars and food in the Pacific Northwest, day in and day out, Eugene is the place to do it.

Consult a leading agent who loves this area as much as you will!

2. Rennie's Landing- Pool Tables, Parties, and Wild College Fun

Among the best bars for campus shenanigans and Eugene partygoers, Rennie’s Landing is steeped in 40+ years of local Eugene history. This bar has it all. Hit the town with your buddies and kick back some brews, bite into a delicious burger and some fries, chow down on a hummus plate during a Ducks game, or show up for some tasty American-style breakfasts (especially if you’re hungover).

The Something-For-Everyone Bar and Restaurant

The general review for this venue is that while it is not amazing in any one category, it does check all the boxes. A jack of all trades, master of none, Rennie’s Landing is whatever you make it. A party bar, a sports bar, one of several karaoke bars in Eugene Oregon – whatever it is, it’s a full bar, with jam packed indoor and outdoor seating and a juke box.

Relish the happy hour atmosphere and finger food and host a private party with friends for. Rennie’s is among the most popular Eugene bars for a reason.

Top 5 Bars in Eugene, Oregon

3. Sam's Place - The Premier Sports Bar of Eugene Sports Bars

The review is in and Sam’s Place is the venue – the undeniable best sports bar of Eugene Oregon sports bars. Why? Because it’s got everything a diehard sports fan could want. Complete with indoor and outdoor seating, Sam’s Place has been around since 2008, adopting a “Cheers” ambiance.

As a result, business is good.

Need a sports bar to catch the next Ducks home game? Do you like football, baseball, basketball, hockey, or lesser-known sports? Sam’s Place is the sports bar of all sports bars for you.

The Sam’s Place patio seats 30 people in outdoor seating, with every booth TV-equipped. Indoors, two 84-inch and many 50-inch TVs line the walls, tuned into all the applicable sports packages you could imagine.

Savor a Simple Sam Hamburger and never go to other sports bars again.

4. 86 Speakeasy Has the Best Signature House Recipe Drinks Around

Harkening back to the Prohibition era, this antique-style den serves some of the classiest cocktails and top-shelf spirits in Eugene. But only if you can get inside.

To enter these dimly lit, yet cozy, quarters, you first have to obtain an access code. Once you’ve requested the reservation online and received your password, you must proceed through the Gordon Hotel until you locate a door marked “Janitor.” After flipping the switch once, provide the correct password and await instructions.

Although the word on this establishment is still mostly hush-hush, the air of enigma is not impenetrable. Murmurs on the streets are that 86 Speakeasy has some of the best signature cocktails in all of Eugene, expertly served by top mixologists.

No outdoor seating is available. Don’t leave your bar review in the wrong hands…

5. The Pint Pot Irish Pub

Who knows drinking better than the Irish? Stereotypes aside, Pint Pot does great business for a reason. Whiskey and heavy pints are washed down with classic grub like corned beef hash, stew, and blood sausage. With loud Gaelic music, multiple bars, and ample seating, the festive Irish atmosphere cannot be denied.

You can also escape for fresh air and outdoor seating if things get hectic. Among the most popular Eugene bars for its alcohol selection, authentic cuisine, and ambiance, the Pint Pot is always primed for a good time.

More could be said about this unique cultural portal, but as the saying goes, you have to see it for yourself. So, try it out. Step through the door and into one of Eugene’s most beloved bars.

Pub Guinness Ireland in Eugene, Oregon

Drink, Live and Be Merry

Many other bars could easily make this list, like The Bier Stein, where 12,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space accommodates 25 beers on tap and over 1,000 bottles of limited-release and rare beers from across the globe!. 

Needless to say, it’s hard to review bars when every individual has a different preference. That’s why you need to move to Eugene to find out on your own!

Outdoor seating, dark indoor lighting, wild parties, sports games, finger food, or fine dining – the choice is yours. One thing is for sure – after you’ve spent a busy day exploring Eugene’s spectacular surroundings, the restaurant and bar scene is ready and waiting to welcome you.  

If you’re looking to move to Emerald City, schedule a consultation with leading agent and cross-cultural realty expert Eileen O’Reilly today.

Eileen O'Reilly