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Walk Through Springfield Downtown: Food, Shops & Sights

Walk Through Springfield Downtown: Food, Shops & Sights

Teeming with eclectic antique stores, stunning murals, and a tasteful array of dining and shopping venues, Oregon’s Downtown Springfield is the fun, thriving hub residents and visitors love. The iconic “Main St”, bounded by Second St. and Eighth St., is ripe with unique family-owned businesses, savory restaurants, and plenty of opportunities for wholesome family fun.

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Before you visit, learn more about Springfield, its attractions, and the bustling Main St. today. The allure of this historic community cannot be overstated.

The Allure of Historic Downtown Springfield Oregon

Known as a mural town, Springfield, Oregon, boasts many beautiful and one-of-a-kind works of art dedicated exclusively to the town. The Springfield real estate market also lays claim to being one of Eugene’s most inexpensive neighborhoods. Neighborhoods coalesce without legal designation. They have lush greenery and spectacular views.

Whether you want a residence on Main St. in Springfield Downtown, located in West Springfield, centered in Thurston, or tucked away in its northern quarters, you have many options when pursuing homes in Oregon.

Top Reasons to Move to Springfield Downtown or Anywhere in Springfield!

In Springfield, Oregon, there is something for everyone. Even if you aren’t into frequenting a popular eatery with a lively full bar right off Main St., you still have numerous reasons to live here. Ideal for nature enthusiasts and minimalists, Springfield is a nice size, perfectly suited for raising children, starting a new life, or simply kicking back and breathing it all in.

Enjoy Inspirational Artwork Like the “Official Simpson’s Mural”

While you enjoy some shopping or grab your favorite adult drink, be sure to check out the renowned artistic creations throughout the town. You can see the bigger-than-life “Ken Kesey” mural on 4th and Main St. on the side of the Planktown Brewery or take the unofficial “Simpsons Mural Tour”. 

Top Reasons to Move to Springfield Downtown or Anywhere in Springfield

Speaking of the Simpsons and Main St., there are actually over 26 tributes to the Simpsons hidden throughout Springfield downtown, from street to street. There is even a plaque designating Springfield, Oregon, the “Real Springfield,” located on the back side of the Springfield Museum.

Art is everywhere! The city has published a self-guided mural map that features over 30 different large-scale murals around the city. 

Monthly Themed Exhibits at Springfield’s Emerald Art Center

In addition to all of these great murals around town, Springfield is also home to the Emerald Art Center.  Right on Main St., the Center is a place where established and new artists can showcase their work every month.

Classes are also available, with monthly self-guided tours of art installations across local businesses as part of the “Second Friday Art Walk.” 

A true community art gallery that brings every mind’s image to life!

Go Back in Time with the Main St. Springfield Museum

Beyond eclectic art on Main St., you can also take a jaunt to the Springfield Museum for a local and regional history lesson on how the area was founded and built. The city was incorporated in 1885, and as logging and milling of wood became the primary industry in the area, the town of Springfield experienced rapid growth.

Period photos, artifacts, and film give a real sense of what life was like in the early days of Springfield. 

There is even an exhibit dedicated to “The Simpsons” where you can see characters from the show and take a photo sitting on the “Simpsons couch” with the family. 

The Beautiful and Multi-Purpose Richard E. Wildish Community Theater

Looking for intimate experiences that are as eclectic as they are engrossing? Also on Main St., the reputed Richard E. Wildish Community Theater comfortably and affordably seats 281, with plenty of venue space for musicals, festivals, comedy, drama, dance, and more!

Whether you want to rent space for a corporate event or to hold that all-important recital, the accommodating Community Theater can make it happen.

The Beautiful and Multi-Purpose Richard E. Wildish Community Theater

Be sure to check the event schedule and visit a variety of distinct, riveting attractions.

Immerse Yourself in the History of Downtown Springfield and Beyond

A few blocks north of the center of town and Main St. is the historical Washburne District, a registered historical site. As the city began to grow due to logging and timber milling operations being built nearby, housing was needed for the workers.

This area was considered a working-class neighborhood where many of the merchants and workers lived. Framed by Pioneer Parkway, A St., 10th St., and G St., this site has historical significance due to its homes’ many architectural styles. From bungalows to colonials to Queen Anne-style homes, there is a wide variety that can all be found here.

Visit the District and take the self-guided walking tour to learn more about the area’s rich history.

Springfield’s Unique Shops, Antiques Stores, and Merchandise Abound!

If you like browsing, there are some great thrift and second-hand stores, gift shops, and antique and collectible shops on Main Street where you can forage to your heart’s delight.  Make sure you have enough room in your car for your “finds.”

If you want something more “hands-on,” check out the bead shop or the fabric store on A Street or be adventurous and take a look in a local bike shop, or maybe get yourself some ink at one of the local tattoo shops on Main Street.  

Springfield Downtown: Delicious Dining for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

You might need a little energy after all that browsing, and you can find some wonderful local coffee shops and restaurants on or within a block of Main Street. There is something for everyone – grocery stores, artisan coffee, breweries and distilleries, baked goods, and some fantastic local restaurants that support the farm-to-table local growers and farmers. 

The food and beverage scene will not disappoint. 

Lush Greenery and Breathtaking Natural Views

Want to hit the outdoors while you have lunch and a drink?

What about a picnic? Bring your own food or pick up something at one of the many wonderful restaurants in downtown Springfield Oregon. At 200 W B St., Island Park is just a couple of blocks from Main Street and provides access to tables and shade and even a small playground for the kids.

There is also a boat launch with access to the Willamette River. Just be careful if you enter the water. The current can be strong, and the river moves swiftly. 

There is so much to see and enjoy in and around Main St. and downtown Springfield that you will want to make this a regular part of your experience. 


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Whether you desire a place one street removed from the Springfield Downtown Main St. hub or want to be smack dab centered on Main St., you have so much to experience in this unique Oregon town. If you are considering making the move to this unmatched location, consult the professionals who can make it happen.

Contact an agent who can secure you a home for sale in Springfield that you love with excellent negotiation or expansive local market understanding.

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