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Weather Conditions and Air Quality in Springfield, Oregon

If you’re looking to relocate to Springfield, Oregon in beautiful Lane County, you’ll want to know what the weather, air quality, and temperature in Springfield, Oregon are like. This section will tell you everything you need to know about Springfield’s climate and weather conditions.

The air quality in Springfield is average.

The average Springfield, Oregon air quality is somewhat moderate throughout the year, though it may vary slightly from season to season. In the spring, the air quality is fairly good, but it can be poor at times (particularly right before pollen season hits). During summer, it tends to be moderate as well; however, there are still some days where it becomes unhealthy for sensitive groups or extreme conditions occur. Fall brings even more stable weather and better conditions overall for most people’s respiratory health. Winter typically sees lower temperatures and therefore less pollutants in the air, so you might find yourself breathing easier during this time of year!

Pollen is moderate most of the year.

Because of its generally warm climate and high elevations, Springfield has a longer growing season than most places in the country. As a result, it is home to many kinds of plants that produce abundant amounts of pollen. The combination of warm temperature and high humidity causes pollen to clump together and fall more quickly than in other parts of the country.

Springfield’s pollen season begins in February and lasts through the end of May; it varies by year, but usually ends before the start of June. The worst times are usually during April and May when the temperature is warm enough for trees to bloom, but still cold enough that they don’t lose their leaves yet.

The time period after spring also has high pollen counts because some plants go into production as soon as they can grow again after winter ends (e.g. hay fields).

Average Weather in Springfield, Oregon

The average temperature in the summer.

The average temperature in Springfield, Oregon during the summer is 80 degrees, with an average humidity of 65%. Most of the year, you can expect to see an average high temperature of about 80 and an average low temperature of around 60, with the warmest month being August, according to recent data. On those days when there’s no breeze and the sun is shining brightly, it might get up to 100 degrees. But on most days during spring and fall, which are known locally as “cloudy weather,” it will be around 80.

The average temperature in the winter in Oregon

The average temperature in the winter.

The Springfield, Oregon average temperature during the winter months (December through March) tend to hover between 40-50 degrees with highs reaching into the mid-50s during sunny stretches, with the coldest month being December. Data shows the average low temperature is 34 degrees. The wind can make it feel colder than that! 

During the winter months, the average temperature in Springfield is 40 degrees. This is considered a cold temperature by most people. But it’s perfect if you’re into snow sports, as you can go skiing or sledding outside!

However, this number changes throughout each year based on how much snow there is. For example, in February of 2019 there was an extra inch of snow that brought the average temperatures down to 39 degrees (very cold).

So, if you’re planning on moving to Springfield be prepared for a bit of cold weather. But don’t worry too much, because there are plenty of fun things to do in the winter months!

The average wind speed is 10-12 mph.

Wind speeds between 13 and 30 mph are considered to be light breezes while anything less can barely be felt on your face. Winds over 40 mph are considered moderate to strong, while winds over 50 mph are considered visible, gale force or stormy conditions. In Springfield, the average wind speed is 10-12 mph.

The humidity level is usually around 65%.

Humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air. Humidity levels in Springfield can reach a high of 52% in the summer and a low of 36% in the winter. August has the lowest relative humidity, and so, it is the driest month, while the month with the highest relative humidity, and thus, more rainy days, is December.

Dew Point

Data shows the average dew point in the warmest month, August is 55 and the average dew point in December is 37. The lower dew points tend to feel a bit drier and higher dew points tend to feel more humid.

The Rain Levels in Springfield

Springfield enjoys mostly sunny days with some rain in the winter months from December to March. During these months it is recommended that you wear a jacket or poncho when outside in case it rains.

Data shows the city experiences the least precipitation in June, July, and August, with the driest month being July, and the wettest months being the winter months when the rain falls almost every day.

Other Climate Statistics of Springfield

The Springfield, Oregon air quality is overall wonderful year-round. Springfield has a moderate climate with moderate weather conditions. The city experiences warm summers, cool springs and falls, and mild winters. These moderate temperatures allow for outdoor activities year-round.

Cloud Cover

The clearest months in the year are June to early October, with very little cloud cover and great visibility. The cloudiest month of the year is December, which has an average cloud cover of about 75%. Coupled with the higher than normal precipitation during this time period, it makes the visibility drop significantly.

Visible Light

During daylight savings time, the earliest sunrise is around 5:28 am and the latest sunrise in November at civil twilight is around 7:54 am, so the morning and evening times run pretty similar to the rest of the country. The earliest sunset is roughly around 4:30 pm, which is in December, to the latest sunset which is around 9:00 pm in July. As you can see, there is a great variety throughout the year when it comes to sunrise and sunset times, breaking up the monotony you may have experienced if you’ve ever lived in other states where the visible light time period is not as flexible.

Who would enjoy Springfield’s climate?

The average weather in Springfield, Oregon makes it easy to be physically active by getting outside. There are many ways for people to be physically active, such as hiking, walking, running, playing sports and enjoying the outdoors on a daily basis. Springfield also offers numerous opportunities to play sports at local parks or recreation centers that have basketball courts and soccer fields available for use by the public year-round!


Springfield is one of the best places to live in the Northern Hemisphere. The average temperatures range from around 40 degrees to around 80. The humidity level is usually around 65%. Springfield has a moderate climate with moderate weather conditions; this makes it ideal for many people who want something between hot summers and cold winters without having any extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes or tornadoes. Springfield is a great place to live for those who want to be close to nature, morning and evening, as the average weather conditions and air quality make it very easy to enjoy. 

So, ready to make the move? Contact O’Reilly Property Group for homes for sale in Springfield, Oregon today to find your perfect home in this gorgeous city, and you’ll be enjoying the beautiful outdoors real soon!

Eileen O'Reilly