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Once Upon a Time In Springfield

Where Are The Simpsons From? Once Upon a Time In Springfield

Many of us grew up knowing who Bart, Homer, and Lisa Simpson are. The Simpsons family is one we all know and love, from the long-running show and The Simpsons Movie. While some of the most beloved episodes take place in this fictional city, there’s one thing that fans always ask: Where is the real Springfield? Is it Springfield, Massachusetts? Springfield, Ohio? Or perhaps Springfield, Illinois?

The state where “The Simpsons” takes place is never specified, and it has been stated that it is just a fictitious name. However, thanks to clever attention to detail, some real-life connections with people and places, and conversations with The Simpsons’ creator, Matt Groening, we can finally answer that long-held question: Where are the Simpsons from?

Where Are The Simpsons From Once Upon a Time In Springfield

Many different states have claimed it as their own.

There are a number of states that have claimed Springfield as their own. One of the earliest was Illinois, which claims that it’s where The Simpsons really live in the show. Two other states—Missouri and Alaska—also claim that Springfield is located in their borders.

The Simpsons has never been specific about which state their city is actually located in; however, each episode does give hints about where The Simpsons live. For example, in one episode, Homer said that he was going to be late for work because there was an ice storm on his way home from work—and ice storms don’t happen in California.

Many clues are given as to where the actual town is.

First of all, the show’s city is near a lake (Lake Springfield) and has a nuclear power plant (Springfield Nuclear Power Plant). Springfield, Oregon has a few lakes, and at the time the show was created, there was even a nuclear power plant! The Trojan Nuclear Power Plant has since been demolished.

There’s also a train station that runs through the fictional town, connecting it with other parts of America. Springfield, Oregon has an Amtrak station, with trains running through multiple states.

The town in the show has a large bridge going over one of its main roads (Burns’ Casino). Springfield, Oregon is home to many large bridges.

There’s even a “Moe’s Tavern” in Springfield, Oregon that serves up delicious meals with your drinks!

Finally, there appears to be some sort of forest nearby from which Homer Simpson once ran into Phineas Q. Butterfat’s ice cream store while trying to lose weight. Springfield, Oregon is home to the Willamette National Forest.

Other clues:

In 2012, Matt Groening stated that Springfield, OR is the real one, but this statement was immediately retracted when the Smithsonian magazine published that statement.

However, just two years later, Groening, together with 20th Century Fox, supported a huge Springfield, Oregon Simpsons mural to be painted downtown at the Emerald Art Center. The voice of Lisa Simpson, Yeardley Smith, was even in attendance, as well.

The Simpsons. Many characters in the show are named after streets in Springfield, Oregon

Many characters in the show are named after streets in Springfield, Oregon

Characters Mr. Burns, neighbor Ned Flanders, Reverend Lovejoy, Kearney Zzyzwicz, and Mayor Quimby, and Robert Underdunk Terwilliger Jr. were all named after streets in Portland. Also, Evergreen Terrace is actually a real street in the town of Springfield, Oregon!

Springfield, Oregon. The map

The show’s creator is from Oregon.

Matt Groening grew up in Portland and his mother, Margaret (Marge) was born in Springfield. Lisa and Maggie Simpson were also named after two of Matt’s own sisters, Lisa and Maggie! Yes, there’s a real-life Springfield, Oregon Simpsons family! His mother’s maiden name was Wiggum, which he also used in the show for characters “Chief Wiggum” and his son. Eugene Skinner, aka Principal Skinner, was also named after the city of Eugene, a neighboring city.

Matt Groening has been quoted as saying that the town he grew up in is “the inspiration for Springfield.” To take this even further, there is a Simpson’s plaque that lives on a wall in the Springfield’s City Manager’s Office located behind the Springfield Museum. This plaque was signed by Matt Groening himself saying, “Yo to Springfield, Oregon – the real Springfield! Your pal, Matt Groening, proud Oregonian!”


“The Simpsons” is one of the longest-running shows on television and has been a massive hit for decades. It is no surprise that many people are wondering “where are the Simpsons from?”, including what state Springfield might be in. While there have been many clues given throughout the years, no one has been able to definitively say where the real city is located or what state it claims as its home, until Matt Groening, the show’s creator, recently confirmed that the real Springfield is actually in Oregon.

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