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Top 10 Restaurants In Springfield, Oregon

Springfield, a picturesque hamlet in Oregon, served as the inspiration for the city in The Simpsons by the same name. You can even find an unauthorized Simpson’s tour. However, this little city has a lot more to offer, including a wide range of intriguing restaurants as well as outdoor activities and developing arts and cultural scenes. Here is our list of the best restaurants in Springfield, Oregon.

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Best Springfield Restaurants


The gastropub Chow serves inventive American fare. Visitors may enjoy a variety of delectable foods, from appetizers and sandwiches to soups and burgers, in a relaxed setting with a casual atmosphere. The “Hot as Hell” burger, grilled in Cajun seasonings and finished with roasted jalapenos, cheese, jalapeno pesto, sweet-onion marmalade, and arugula is a crowd pleaser. Additionally, Chow has 12 circulating taps, so there is always a delicious glass of beer to go with every dish.

enjoying fast food at the beer hall located in the public house is a relaxing afternoon activity

Happy’s Java & Soul Food Shack

Happy’s Java and Soul Food Shack, established and run by Marcella and Derrick “Mr. Happy” Pruitt, is a great place that specializes in delicious traditional Southern Style BBQ and food. It has barbeque, alongside other delightful items, such as tea, and coffee that is roasted on the spot. Happy’s, which is open daily, serves Alabama-style cured meats to diners, including Cajun smoked-chicken sandwiches, St. Louis cured ribs, and Louisiana sandwiches, as well as sides like yams, mac and cheese, and peas. The restaurant primarily serves takeout, and delivery, and has a drive-through with outdoor seating. They also include sweet potato waffles for dessert, which is a terrific way to cap off a delicious dinner.

Ranchito Grill

Kid-friendly eatery Ranchito Grill specializes in serving authentic Mexican cuisine. The culinary team’s meals, which range from chicken, pork, seafood, and beef to sweets, are bursting with flavor because they employ only the freshest ingredients available. The restaurant manufactures its own flour and maize tortillas to guarantee freshness as part of its commitment to high-quality ingredients. Entrees that are delicious include the veggie burrito, which is filled with fresh veggies, beans, Spanish sauce, and cheese, as well as sizzling meat fajitas and prawns sauteed in a rich mole sauce.

Mexican dishes in Springfield's Restaurant

The Washburne Cafe

The Washburne Cafe, located inside the historical Springfield Armory Building, offers home-cooked food in a welcoming setting. The quaint area, which is open every day, has hardwood flooring from a century ago and exposed brick walls. Along with coffee, and baked goods including muffins, scones, and cookies, the café also serves breakfast and lunch. The Washburne bowl, which offers bacon and ham and eggs, topped with cheddar; as well as the roasted red potato with salsa; and the “grown-up” grilled cheese with a selection of flavors including basil aioli are just a few of the meals you must try.

The Plank Town Brewery

A superb venue to sample handcrafted microbrews and delectable Northwest food is Plank Town Brewing Company, which is situated in the center of the city’s historic downtown district. With a curved bar and hardwood bench-style tables, Plank Town provides customers with a lovely setting where they can taste their choice of the twenty beers ready on tap and taste a variety of small dishes, sandwiches, and entrees. Both the rabbit báhn mi and the succotash, a combination of veggies, white beans, filberts, and polenta, are appetizing options. The former is served alongside an apple coleslaw and a ginger-orange sauce on ciabatta.

One of the Top 10 Restaurants In Springfield, Oregon

Benedetti’s Meat Market & Deli

The family-run Benedetti’s Meat Market and Deli is a multifunctional establishment that incorporates a restaurant, deli, and market. It sells luscious meats that are sourced from regional suppliers. Customers have two options: either they visit the adjacent restaurant to try a range of soups, sandwiches, and other entrées, or they buy fresh ingredients to prepare themselves at home. The filet mignon, which comes with a choice of sides, and the Italian grinders, which include capocollo, Black Forest ham, salami, and cheese with greens on a baguette, are both appetizing choices. On their social media account, you can get information about their daily promotions and delivery options as well.

Ciao Pizza

Italian-born Maurizio Paparo founded the Neapolitan-style restaurant Ciao Pizza in 2007. Visitors may savor a variety of salads, pizzas baked in traditional wood-fire ovens, and fresh kinds of pasta created from scratch with the finest ingredients in this cozy, contemporary setting. The funghi pizza, which is topped with sauteed tomato sauce, mozzarella, and wild mushrooms, as well as the Toscana pizza, which has roasted chicken and smoky bacon, are both noteworthy pizzas that are available in gluten-free variations. The ravioli artichoke in red pepper sauce is a delicious option for pasta.

One of Top 10 Restaurants In Springfield, Oregon

The Pump Cafe

The Pump Cafe is an appropriate moniker for an American eatery, which is housed in a former gas station. Visitors visiting the café to savor the delectable selection of lunch and breakfast dishes will find an interesting setting decorated with antiques from petrol stations. Popular breakfast options include potato pancakes with omelets, tomatoes, and onions, as well as French toast filled with raspberry cream cheese. Salads, seafood, burgers, salmon, and many more options are available for people looking for lunch.

Ta Ra Rin

Ta Ra Rin is a cozy eatery serving traditional Thai food that was started by Thai chef Arna “B” Khongkhaning. The restaurant, which was founded in the year 2000 in Eugene and established in Springfield in 2012, delights customers looking for food bursting with vibrant flavors. There is something on the vast menu for everyone, most of which is produced from family recipes. The freshwater catfish, lava catfish prepared in fiery coconut cream, and the “fancy” aubergine in a chili paste are a few exquisite dishes.

amazing world cuisines can be enjoyed all over Springfield.

Hop Valley Brewing Company

Award-winning institution Hop Valley Brewing Company offers great food and beer. This Springfield restaurant is open every day for dinner and lunch, and its relaxed, friendly ambiance is ideal for a pleasant evening out with family and friends. There is food for everyone, including sandwiches, burgers, and more. Try the meatloaf with a tomato-bacon glaze, accompanied with garlic and carrots and mashed potatoes, or the grilled mushroom sandwich with artichoke spread and smoked gouda. Guests can also split a sausage sampler, which includes home-made beer brats.

What is it like to live in Springfield?

With more reasonably priced housing, Springfield is one of Eugene’s more affordable neighborhoods. On the other side, there are no formally recognized neighborhoods in Springfield. Among the unofficial communities that make up the city are North Springfield, Downtown, East Springfield (Thurston), Kelly Butte, Glenwood, Gateway, Meadow Park, West Kelly Butte, Washburne Historic District, and West Springfield. Springfield offers a little bit of everything, despite being a tiny town.

Springfield, Oregon is a great town if you value nature and are a minimalist. Beautiful scenery and luxuriant vegetation surround the town and Oregon as a whole. It offers a vibrant and welcoming community and is an excellent area to raise a family with some of the best restaurants in the state.

great food and great drinks at the whiskey lab in the public house make Springfield one of the best places to live in


Springfield is one of the best towns to live in in the state of Oregon with its reasonable housing market and comfortable weather conditions. With its great outdoors and delicious restaurants, Springfield could be your next home!

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