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Corvallis, Oregon, is a first-class city that offers plenty of amenities and opportunities for its residents. This charming urban center is located in the heart of the Willamette Valley and presents a wonderful quality of life.

We’d like to introduce you to Eileen O’Reilly – an excellent realtor who will help make your home buying experience smooth and stress-free. Contact her today to get started!

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There are so many wonderful reasons to move to Corvallis, and the real estate market across the United States is causing concern for many homebuyers. With Eileen O’Reilly Property Group, you don’t need to worry about the hassles of buying a home when you choose to move to Corvallis. We have real estate licenses for the area and specialize in small-town country realty.

Our Northwest realty consultants will identify prospective properties consumers desire, with ease and negotiate with listing brokers to secure you a beautiful home at the best price available. Whether you’re looking for single-family or hybrid real estate deemed reliable for investment, contact Eileen O’Reilly for a seamless and supported house hunting experience today.

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Why buy a house in Corvallis, Oregon?

Corvallis’ vibrant community offers a little bit of everything, from beautiful scenery and parks to excellent schools and a thriving economy. Here are a few reasons why so many people choose to buy property in Corvallis.


Corvallis is found in the heart of lush mountains, which offers a generous share of dense forests to explore, and world-class skiing nearby. Nestled approximately an hour’s drive to the spectacular Oregon coastline and located between Eugene city and Portland metropolitan area, Corvallis residents can take advantage of day trips and weekend getaways in a renewed environment.

Strong Job Growth

Home of the Oregon State University, Corvallis has a wealth of unique opportunities for residents. The University provides strong employment openings, and overall the city’s job growth has averaged 3.5% over the past ten years.

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Cost of Living in Corvallis, Oregon?

The average cost of living in Corvallis sits slightly higher than in the United States. The primary driver of this is the current housing market. Remedially, transportation costs, healthcare, and utilities sit significantly less expensive than the US averages. In addition, Oregon State does not have a sales tax, which may materially improve living expenses if you’re moving from out of state.

Real Estate Market in Corvallis, Oregon?

It’s no secret that the housing market across the United States has been shooting up over the last few years. Home prices are increasing, and first-time buyers face their fair share of challenges nationwide. Corvallis is no exception to general trends, although the rental market is considered a greater housing burden to the community than homes for sale. In many cases, it’s more affordable to secure a mortgage and buy a property than to rent since mortgage rates in the region are so low.

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  • Price Range

    Homes in Corvallis range in price from $39,000 to $3,500,000.

  • Number of days on market

    The average real estate listings held for 45 days before selling in 2021, increasing year over year by ten days from 2020.

  • Median House Price

    The median real estate listings price in Corvallis for April 2022 was $509,600, showing an upwards trend of 13.9% year over year. This means that now is a better time than ever to purchase a home in Corvallis! Local rental markets are high, so in many cases residents find it more affordable to purchase a home than paying excessive rent over the long term.

  • Median Household Income

    The Median Household Income in Corvallis according to the 2020 United States Census Bureau is $59,390.

When purchasing a home in Corvallis, it’s a good idea to work with brokerage firms like Eileen O’Reilly Property Group, who have local experience. For a fully-supported and seamless house-hunting journey, contact the Eileen O’Reilly Property Group today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About homes for sale in Corvallis

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Is Corvallis, Oregon expensive to live?

The cost of living index for Corvallis is 112.8 as opposed to the US average of 100. Corvallis is one of the most expensive cities to live in Oregon.

How much does it cost to live in Corvallis, OR per month?

The total cost of living is around $2000 in Corvallis, OR. The average rent in Corvallis, OR for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is approximately $1,385 per month, and utilities cost around $121 a month. Other costs will be around $529 including markets, transportation, restaurants, and sports and leisure for one person.

Is Corvallis a student town?

Corvallis is home to Oregon State University, and around 20,000 students call the city home each year. Summers tend to dip in activity when students return to their cities, and residents bask in a peaceful, warm, and long summertime. There are plenty of neighborhoods with exceptional Corvallis, OR real estate listings that are separate from those drenched in student vibes.

What is there to do in Corvallis?

The Corvallis Farmers Market is one of the city’s top attractions, offering a festive atmosphere and high-quality, locally-produced foods every Saturday. The town’s Ciderhouse features a variety of flavored ciders to sip and socialize on a Friday evening. Additionally, the innumerable outdoor activities and animal refuges will keep you entertained the whole year round!