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Homes for Sale in Springfield Oregon

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Springfield is one of Eugene’s more inexpensive neighborhoods, with more affordable housing. Springfield, on the other hand, does not have any legally designated neighborhoods. West Springfield, Downtown, East Springfield (Thurston), and North Springfield are just a few of the informal neighborhoods that make up the city. In spite of being a small town, Springfield has a little bit of anything and everything.

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If you are a nature lover and minimalist, Springfield, Oregon is a good size town. The town, as well as Oregon itself, is surrounded by breathtaking views and lush greenery. It’s a great place for raising a family and has a bustling and friendly community.

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Why buy a house in Springfield, Oregon?

Springfield is Eugene’s most inexpensive neighbor, with a more affordable housing market. Springfield, on the other hand, does not have any legally designated neighborhoods. West Springfield, Downtown, East Springfield (Thurston), and North Springfield are just a few of the unofficial neighborhoods that make up the city. Springfield has a little bit of everything.

Springfield has a long history of being a blue-collar community due to its ties to the lumber industry. Other sectors, on the other hand, provide additional employment to the city.

The Sacred Heart at Riverbend, the town’s primary clinic, is a new addition to the area, which is good news for healthcare employees. Healthcare personnel are also employed at McKenzie-Willamette Medical Center in downtown Portland. Management, administrative, and sales jobs, as well as technical ones, are available.

Springfield, Homes for Sale

What is it like to live in Springfield, Oregon?

Living expenses in Springfield, Oregon are substantially cheaper than in Eugene, Oregon, owing to the fact that the real estate market in Springfield is not as active. However, prospective buyers should be aware of the following: It’s possible that things won’t continue that way indefinitely. Springfield’s prices are cheaper than that of adjacent Eugene because real estate is more inexpensive. In this location, real estate charges may be reduced too.

It takes roughly 20 minutes to travel to work in Springfield, which is fantastic news for morning commuters. That’s actually a lot less time than the national median of 26.4 minutes. The majority of inhabitants drive their own cars to work, with only a tiny percentage opting to carpool.

Although not many people use public transportation, if you do, you need to know that the EmX line will bring you to Eugene quickly. Springfield also has miles of wonderful bike routes if you’re a cyclist.

Springfield has 23 schools, 20 of which are government and three of which are private. The University of Oregon, Pioneer Pacific College, and Lane Community College are all easily accessible to all citizens because Eugene is so nearby that the two cities are almost merged together.

Springfield’s unique characteristics can be seen all around the city, from the Emerald Art Center’s life-size Simpsons family to street art and exterior artworks that are definitely worth seeing.

Springfield’s unique terrain provides a variety of opportunities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Homes for sale in Springfield

Is Springfield a good place to live?

Springfield is a peaceful town with low crime rates and a high standard of living for all kinds of residents. It is one of the best cities in Oregon to live in.

What is the cost of living in Springfield, OR?
The overall cost of living in Springfield is 98.4 out of 100.
Is it cheaper to live in Eugene or Springfield Oregon?
Springfield has a 6.6 percent lower cost of living than Eugene. The cost of housing in Springfield is 17.0 percent cheaper than the cost of housing in Eugene. Springfield has a 0.0 percent lower healthcare cost.
What is it like to live in Springfield Oregon?
It’s a fantastic area to invest in real estate. There is relatively little traffic, and the highlands and the ocean are both nearby. Springfield is a great place to live. There isn’t much traffic, the downtown area has been restored, and there are plenty of good restaurants and locations to roam about and enjoy the outdoors.