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Top 10 Things To Do in Springfield Oregon

Top 10 Things To Do in Springfield, Oregon

Springfield is a beautiful place nestled in the heart of southwest Oregon. It is home to many top attractions, including the Wildish Theater, Dorris Ranch, and the official Simpson’s mural. 

And if you’re an outdoor lover, Springfield has got you covered. You can rent a bike to explore the picturesque Willamette Valley or take your friends and family to one of the many parks nearby. 

Plus, for those looking for something less active, there are plenty of science museums and historical sites to keep your mind engaged while you’re here. So if you’re looking for the top things to do in Springfield, this article won’t disappoint you.

Springfield, Oregon Overview

Springfield, Oregon, is the third largest city in the state. It has a population of about 62,000 people. Springfield is also the county seat of Lane County and its main commercial center. 

Moreover, Springfield is only about 3 miles away from Eugene. This makes it an excellent spot for those who want to explore the city or just want a day trip away from the hustle and bustle of city life. In addition to its population and location, here are some facts about Springfield:

  • Median home value: $226,300
  • Median gross rent: $969
  • Households: 25,210
  • People per household: 2.46
  • Median household income: $49,938

The city’s population has swelled recently due to people moving here from Portland or Eugene seeking more affordable housing. So if you’re interested in buying homes for sale in Springfield, you have many options throughout Springfield at different price points.

What To Do In Springfield, Oregon

Springfield, Oregon, is a beautiful city that you should definitely add to your travel bucket list. Whether you want a relaxing weekend trip or a thrilling adventure, there are plenty of things to do in Springfield OR that will make your stay unforgettable.

Take a trip to the Springfield Museum

If you’re looking for an activity in Springfield that is educational and fun for the whole family, then the Springfield Museum is a great choice. The museum has exhibits that are interactive and informative. In addition to their permanent collection of fossils, they also host traveling exhibits from time to time. One such exhibit was a display of ancient Egyptian artifacts. The Springfield Museum is located in historic downtown Springfield. It’s open every Thursday through Saturday from 10 am until 3 pm with free admission.

Enjoy the great outdoors at Willamalane Park

One of the best ways to experience all Springfield has to offer is by visiting Willamalane Park, one of the largest parks in the city. Located on the Willamette River, this public park provides a variety of recreational activities for all ages. 

You can trek down hiking trails through forested areas or bike over paths with great views of nature. The lake at this public park also provides opportunities for bird watching, swimming, or renting boats from Willamalane Park.

Go horseback riding on the McKenzie River Trail - Springfield, Oregon

Go horseback riding on the McKenzie River Trail

The McKenzie River Trail is a scenic horseback riding trail in Springfield. This 25-mile-long trail follows along the banks of the McKenzie River. The path passes through forested hills before reaching open meadows and prairies. 

The trail is open to the public year-round. However, remember that winter conditions can be extremely muddy due to all of Oregon’s rain. 

Additionally, McKenzie River Trail offers riders a variety of scenery: from dense forest to wide pastureland, it’s an ideal spot for an excellent horseback ride. You will also find deer and other wildlife on your journey.

Explore Dorris Ranch

Dorris Ranch is a historic farm that was established in 1892. It’s located just off the highway between Eugene and Springfield. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places so you can explore this area at your own pace. 

You can see what life was like for Oregonians living on a farm through their old buildings and equipment. In addition, here are some of the things you can do at Dorris Ranch:

  • Take a tour of their historic buildings.
  • Learn about old-time farming practices from costumed volunteers.
  • Explore the on-site museum displays.

For some people, one day won’t be enough to experience all this local treasure offers. If you want to explore more of the area, there are plenty of hotels nearby where you can stay. Or, if you need help finding rentals or homes for sale, talking with a top local realtor in Oregon is your best choice.

Take a bike ride on the Bear Creek Greenway

You can rent a bike, so you don’t have to bring one of your own. The Bear Creek Greenway is a paved trail that runs along Bear Creek and crosses the Willamette River in Springfield. 

The trail is about 20 miles long, with access points across town. It’s open to cyclists, walkers, and runners and is located close to downtown. With that, you’ll have plenty of restaurants nearby if you want to stop for lunch or dinner at one of the many eateries on Main Street.

Spend the whole day at Island Park

This is the largest park in Lane County near the Willamette River. There are plenty of picnic tables, so bring your food or enjoy what they offer. 

You can spend time with friends and family or just relax on one of their many trails while enjoying this beautiful location. It’s also great if you have kids who need something to do during the day while exploring nature with you.

Shop and Dine in downtown Springfield, Oregon

Shop and Dine in downtown Springfield

The quaint shops of Springfield’s historic business district offer an array of locally-made goods. This includes clothing, artwork, and jewelry. There are also several great places to eat downtown, including a food truck serving delicious tacos. 

If you want even more unique shopping options, head to the city’s visual arts district, which features upscale boutiques and specialty stores. On the first Friday of every month, the streets of Springfield come alive with performing arts during the monthly Art Walk event.

Take a Plunge in the pools of Lively Park

Swimming is one of the best ways to cool off in the summer, and Lively Park is one of the Springfield attractions to swim. The park is an indoor water park with various pools for all ages. 

There is a kiddie pool, an outdoor sundeck, and spas for adults. Plus, the Lively Park Waterpark includes a wave pool, lazy river, slides for all ages, and a zero-entry play area with fountains for toddlers.

Bring your family to the Willamalane Park Swim Center

The Willamalane Park Swim Center is the perfect place to relax, beat the heat, and have fun, all under one roof. The center is open Monday through Friday from 6 am to 9 pm, so it’s easy to fit in with your busy schedule while taking advantage of this community gem. The indoor facility features include: 

  • A diving pool
  • Lap pool
  • Water slides
  • A kiddie pool

There’s also an outdoor volleyball and basketball court if you’re looking for more active fun. With so many great activities to do in Springfield, you’ll find something fun for everyone in your family at this fantastic facility.

Go river rafting at Mckenzie River

There is no better way to experience Springfield’s natural beauty than river rafting. You will see the beautiful mountain ranges, wildlife areas, and breathtaking sunrises as you float down the Mckenzie River. The Mckenzie River is one of the most famous rivers in Oregon, and it will surely leave you speechless.

Springfield is Waiting For You!

Without a doubt, the exciting things to do in Springfield are endless. Look no further than this city if you’re looking for some outdoor adventure, a relaxing walk, or educational tours. 

With so many options available to explore the outdoors, it’s no wonder that Springfield has become one of Oregon’s most popular places to visit and live. Indeed, you will find something here that will leave you wanting more. 

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